Mango Lemon Jelly

I started this blog completely on a whim over my lunch hour yesterday at work.  That said, there are some projects that predate the blog and this is one of them:

My local store had Mango Lemonade on sale last week and I got the idea to turn it into jelly.  After consulting a friend and doing some online research I figured the recipe would be something along the lines of 4 cups of juice + 1 pkg of pectin + 4 cups of sugar.  I used a pretty standard method:  mixed the juice and pectin, brought it to a boil, added the sugar and boiled for one minute, put it into jars and processed for 10 minutes.
The jars came out of the water sparkling like jewels except for one that apparently had it’s ring screwed on wrong and leaked lemony syrup all over the place. Oops.  That was my omen of bad things to come and sure enough, the jelly didn’t gel.  Grrr.
A little more research online and I tried fixing it.  I dumped all the jars back into a pot and threw in a little pectin.  I brought it to a boil and added a little more sugar.  More boiling, jars, processing. This time…it gelled!  Woo hoo!
This jelly is delicious and summery.  It’s got a nice sharp lemon bite on the finish.  My plan was to pick up some bagels and cream cheese while I was grocery shopping today so that I could take a beauty shot of this jelly adorning a schmeared bagel but I forgot to buy both of those items while I was out. Yeah…I’m gonna be good at this blogging thing.

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