Don’t Hassle Me…I’m Local

A few years ago my husband and I moved our little family out of the city to the small town where he grew up.  It was the best decision as parents that we have ever made.  Our city neighborhood was dirty and dangerous.  Here we have fresh air and open spaces.  Like most small towns, everyone knows each other.  As an outsider, I identified three factors that would make me “A Local”:
  1. Have a child enrolled in the public school
  2. Do something to make it into the police blotter of the local paper
  3. Enter something in the annual Agricultural Fair
Well, Lydia just completed 4K so item one has been completed.

In spite of being pulled over with expired plates and out of date insurance information I was let off with a warning and didn’t make the paper so that was disappointing.  I was, however, featured on a poster at the Piggly Wiggly for using Pig Points so I’m just going to call that good enough.

That brings me to criteria number three…

The annual fair happens one block from my house but unfortunately coincides with our yearly trip up north for my husband’s family reunion.  Thankfully I have a friend who was willing to drop off my stuff for me. I am entering Spiced Pear Jam, Apple Raspberry Jelly and Pickled Garlic. I’m not going to lie…I’m really nervous about this.  There are absolutely no consequences to winning or losing, but I fear that the judges are going to disqualify me or something like that and I would honestly be sad and embarrassed. So we’ll see.  I am writing this in a cabin by a lake and the fair starts in a few days….

..So I’m back and here are the results:

  1. Apple Raspberry Jelly – Second Place.  Good Enough.
  2. Spiced Pear Jam – First Place…Yass!!
  3. And finally….the Pickled Garlic…..
WHAT?!?!?!  Having only been at this for a few months, I cannot express how incredibly gratifying it is to have won this award. I celebrated by taking my daughter for a spin on the Ferris Wheel and purchasing the Ball Complete Guide to Canning and Preserving. I’m pretty sure this green lights me to blow the family fortune on jars.  
I got some great advice from a woman who was part of the judging committee and I am looking forward to hitting the Farmer’s Market and getting some new and fun things to can for the fair next year.  
Since not only did I enter something in the fair, but because of how well my stuff did I will be mentioned in the Lodi Enterprise next week,I think I can officially call myself a Lodian now!
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One Response to Don’t Hassle Me…I’m Local

  1. queenjeanne says:

    I enjoyed reading your stories, Ann. I hope we can set a time to meet soon. I’ve really liked meeting you and your family and trying your delicious jams. I look forward to featuring you on my blog. I will email you soon to see what we can work out. Wishing you a successful market season. Jeanne Tentis


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